Do you ship fireworks?

Sorry but no shipping is available. You may place orders online to be picked up in store only. We cannot ship.

Can I order online and have someone else pick up?

Yes! Just give us a call once you’ve placed your online order and let us know who will be picking up. We will require a copy of both your driver’s license and theirs, as well as their signature when they pick up. All payments must be verified and approved prior to pick up.

Do you have any special deals?

We have buy one get one free offers on virtually every different type of firework that we have in the store and all of our golf balls are under retail.

Can I buy wedding sparklers here?

Yes! The Low Country is a great place to get hitched – and the Golf Ball Outlet & Fireworks Megastore is proud to stock long-lasting, low-smoke sparklers.
Give us a call to order or reserve yours for your wedding today!

What about fireworks for a gender reveal?

Yes! We would love to help your family mark a major milestone – and offer a few different products to help you say “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!”

Do you have something more “safe and sane”?

Absolutely – we have a wide variety of ground items: fountains, firecrackers, tanks, snakes, and other novelty items.

Do you sell “The Big Stuff”?

If you’re looking for mortars and cakes you’ve come to the right place! We have lots of products that go in the air, and we’d love to show them to you! Check out our section on “The Big Stuff” to see what aerial products are in stock now.

We have leftover fireworks, what do we do with them now?

Fireworks can be stored in a cool, dry location to be used a future date. We recommend securing your fireworks to prevent any accidents.

I just bought some fireworks and have a long road trip ahead, will they be OK in my hot car?

Yes! Fireworks typically need a direct ignition (matches, lighter, etc.) to spark. Be sure to unpack and safely store your fireworks when you get to your destination.

What are some other safety tips I should know?

Never hold fireworks in your hands while igniting, and always keep yourself and others safe by lighting them in a safe, open area free from overhanging trees, brush, and dry debris that might catch fire. Keep a bucket of water and a hose nearby to soak your fireworks after ignition. Do not stack your fireworks when lighting. Allow the spent carcasses (boxes, tubes, etc) to cool completely before discarding. Check with your local fire department or fire safety marshal for more information.

Can I return my fireworks after I’ve purchased?

Sorry but all sales are final. We cannot legally accept returned merchandise. No returns allowed.

What if I have a dud?

We guarantee our fireworks. If you purchased a product from us that does not fire, bring the item back to the store to reselect or receive store credit.

Are all of your golf balls used?

Yes! We specialize in recycled golf balls picked up from local courses. We do not dive on courses, but rather rely on a network of local workers + golf enthusiasts to bring in balls regularly to be hand washed, graded, and sorted by our team.
Come by our store to see our current selection and pick your own dozen, or give us a call to have us pick and ship for you.